International Conference of the FdDB at the PH Ludwigsburg


From 18 September 2023 to 21 September 2023, this year's interantional conference of the Didactics of Biology Section (FDdB) of the VBIO took place at the Ludwigsburg University of Education. Also the Aachener Biologiedidaktik was represented with some contributions.

  Three women and a man stand in front of the PH Ludwigsburg lettering Copyright: © LuF Didaktik der Biologie

At the Science and School Forum, Kilian Klinkenberg and Prof. Juila Lorke were involved with the contribution "Contemporary health education in biology lessons - A series of lessons on the risks and benefits of medical data donation " and Petra Nioklay, Kilian Klinkenberg and Dr. Ingeborg Heil with the contribution "The insect carousel: A bionic experiment to explore the adhesive properties of insects for biology lessons". Isabell Helbing presented a poster entitled "Making current research tangible in biology lessons in terms of content and methodology - teacher training courses on ecotoxicology". Finally, Prof. Julia Lorke had the chair at the Round Table: Science Communication and Biology Didactics - Unused Synergies?